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Introducing Pocketgrass

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Lots of things will fit in a pocket... An invitation. A recipe. A map. A stamp. A paycheck.

Like you, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to joyfully and productively live through these times. Which got us thinking, if only we could fit the Wintergrass experience in a pocket – and onto the small screens through which we’re all living life these days.

Thus, Pocketgrass was born.

And you’re invited to join us.

What is Pocketgrass?

Pocketgrass is a 45-minute variety show scaled to fit things we love about the Wintergrass Festival onto a small screen. Each monthly episode will feature music, magic, a story, a lightning workshop and fun for everyone in the family. A theme built around a recipe and a story will be the core of every single episode – all designed to transport us on a sensory journey around the world and back home again. We’ve brought on a host of creative partners to make each episode, providing fun and a paycheck during times when inspiration and remuneration are hard to find. Pocketgrass will be streamed via the Wintergrass YouTube Channel (Click to subscribe.)

Episode 9 - Road Food

The next episode of Pocketgrass premieres on Thursday, May 13th at 7pm PST. The theme is Road Food and will feature Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Ricky Gene Powell & the Return of Deadgrass, Reggie Garrett & Benjamin Hunter, Miles & Karina Quartet, and archive footage of The Osborne Brothers at Wintergrass 2003. Also on hand is The 220 Truck Stop Tale from Auntmama.

Remember, you can watch any episode of Pocketgrass at any time. The premiere is simply the first time an episode is available.

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Pocketgrass Workshops

In addition to the monthly Pocketgrass episodes, we will also be posting standalone Pocketgrass Workshops. These YouTube videos will be be supplemented by a PDF so that you can easily follow along. Check 'em out!

At the Heart of It

We miss you. We miss the artists we’ve all come to cherish. And we know everyone misses the music. So we’ve figured out safe ways to record live, local bands. A growing number of national artists have also signed on as “Pocket Partners”, including Mike Marshall, Betse Ellis, Mike Block, Nefesh Mountain and Laurie Lewis. Of course, we’re talking with many more.

Like most arts events, Wintergrass is facing enormous challenges. The 2021 festival has been canceled. Staff have seen large reductions in pay, including the voluntary layoff of one staff member. Thanks to the wisdom of our board of directors, our reserves are sufficient to carry us for a period of time – but not forever. We had to come up with a way to keep the lights on AND keep our creative spirits alive.

What Are We Asking of You?

Enjoy the show! To make sure everyone can watch, there is no charge to tune in. Instead, we’ll be asking for your donation. We’ve always depended on the generosity of our audience and viewers, and we still do. Plus, donations to each show will be shared with its creators. So know that your donations will immediately have an impact – and help keep the music and the musicians alive as we weather these challenging times together.

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