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Wintergrass 2021 Covid-19 Update
Our Gratitude
Wintergrass, its staff, board of directors, volunteers and educators, cannot begin to express our gratitude to you, our attendees. You have proven time and again that we are more than just a music festival. We are a family. We rejoice in each other’s accomplishments and feel for each other’s challenges. In this time when all of our family members are being impacted by a global crisis, our hearts and prayers are with you.

The New Vision
With so many unknowns for the next year or more, we are rethinking how to do Wintergrass in 2021. We cannot in good conscience plan a gathering of so many people without complete assurance that you, our family, will be safe. So, the event as you know it, the in-person, four-day festival at the Hyatt in February of 2021, will not be taking place. We will begin refunding tickets purchases shortly. The Hyatt is offering generous refund policies - and we are ever grateful for their partnership in our events over the years.

Please know, this was not an easy decision. Yet we are conscious that the longer we postpone a decision like this, the more financially challenging it will become for Wintergrass to continue. We are 100% committed to making sure Wintergrass is here for you - that we remain a family for many years to come.

Plans in Action!
Don’t worry, plans are already in action to keep Wintergrass alive - so stay tuned. Actually, we are pretty excited about this. Like all creative people, times of great challenge inspire us to do something great, something magical. Because magical things can and are still happening. We’re inspired by our fellow musicians and musical events on a daily basis.

But, we’re just starting to noodle on the tune, as it were: We’re just in the early planning stages and need to remain responsive to quick-changing policies on gatherings and travel and the ever-expanding possibilities of online performances. Ultimately, our goal is to recreate and present an all-access event (or events) of the caliber you expect, with the feeling of togetherness in good will and good music, that we all treasure.

About Your Tickets
For those of you who have purchased tickets, we are instructing our ticketing vendor to immediately refund your money. We hope that this refund comes to you at a time when you need it. And if you do not need it, please consider donating all or part of your ticket value back to Wintergrass. We will be operating for the rest of 2020 and most of 2021 with almost no income.

We know we look fancy, but Wintergrass typically operates on very thin margins in the best of times (relying on an army of volunteers and a small, underpaid staff to make the magic happen). We are already hard at work creating something new, using new tools and learning new skills. We deeply appreciate any support you can offer at this time. Please click here to donate:

Don’t forget that the CARES Act provides increased tax benefits to those who donate to nonprofits in 2020.

If this is not an option for you, please know, we are grateful for your support - just as a smile, head nod, and appreciative ear is always welcome at any jam circle. We know you are with us, no matter what.

Thank you, dear family. We hope you and yours are well and safe.

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