Wintergrass Information

What is Wintergrass?

Wintergrass is a family-friendly Bluegrass music festival, with concerts and dances at 4 different stages. There are also music education programs for kids and adults, workshops, impromptu jams, and a chance to see and hear some great music.

Where is Wintergrass being held?

Wintergrass takes place at Hyatt Regency Hotel located at 900 Bellevue Way NE in Bellevue, WA. The Hyatt has plenty of 24 hour jamming space and room for 4 stages all under one roof. Rooms at the Hyatt generally sell out months in advance, and they are selling out earlier and earlier each year.

When do I get my ticket?

Wintergrass does not issue paper tickets. All orders are entered into a secure database. All tickets purchased through will be marked as ‘Processing’ until you check in at the festival. At that time, they are marked at ‘Completed’.

You should receive an emailed ticket confirmation at the time of your purchase. A little over a week before the festival begins we will start sending out final ticket confirmations. These confirmations contain a barcode, which you will use to check in at Festival Registration located on the mezzanine level of the Wintergarden lobby at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue. Check in takes seconds.

Registration opens at 8:30am on Thursday for Youth education program and Intensive students ONLY. All others may start checking in after 10am. Shows begin at 5:45pm on Thursday. Workshops begin at 9:30am on Friday. Shows begin on Friday on the Grand and Regency stages at 2pm and on the remaining stages after 6pm. Workshops start at 9:30am on Saturday, with shows on most stages starting up as early as 1pm. Shows start at 10:30am on Sunday and end by 5pm.

Where are the events located in the Hyatt Regency?

Click here to see a floor plan of the Hyatt Regency's function spaces. Also, you can take a narrated video tour of the Wintergrass spaces.

Where do I park and how much does it cost?

People call the Hyatt and are told parking is $25 a day. That's only partly true and mostly not true. The Hyatt self parking is free on Weekends or if you leave after 8PM on a Friday evening.

It has been reported that if you leave after 8PM on any weekday, the garage gates are up so parking is basically free then as well. Your milage may vary.

The best info on parking in Bellevue is at the Parkopedia Web Site. This link will show you parking lot locations and fees close to the Hyatt.

How long is Wintergrass?

A Wintergrass weekend is 4 days long. People begin gathering for the weekend as early as Thursday for and stay through Monday. For those with not quite as much time or devotion, single day ticket options are readily available. Shows begin on Friday around 1:30 and on Saturday around noon. Workshops are offered all day Friday and Saturday. The festival concludes with all-day concerts on Sunday ending around 5pm. Throughout all this, the hotel lobbies are replete with impromptu jams.

What times are the shows?

While there is a bit of fluctuation from year to year, you can use this info as a basic guide for show times:

Thursday: Shows begin at 6pm
Friday: Workshops start at 9:30am; shows start at 5pm and go until as late as 1am
Saturday: Workshops start at 9:30am; shows start as early as 12:45pm and go until as late as 1am
Sunday: Shows start at 10:30am and end no later than 5pm

What type of music is played at the Festival?

While Wintergrass is primarily a Bluegrass music festival, you'll hear plenty of other styles of acoustic music including Gypsy jazz, Celtic music, Old-Timey, Swedish polskas and many more types of acoustic string music. Jam sessions reflect the diversity of styles with young and old alike participating in every nook and cranny. Don't be shy! Don't leave home without your instrument. The festival maintains a convenient Instrument Check room so that you can safely stash your instrument while you enjoy shows.

What are workshops (and do I have to pay extra for them)?

Workshops, which are included in the price of admission, cover a variety of topics and are designed for all levels of ability. You'll have a chance to hear about musical theory, practical approaches to the every day problems that musicians face, and leave with inspiration that you can incorporate into your own musical experience. It's a chance to broaden your knowledge base, or dig deeper into a particular topic – the choice is up to you.

Do I have to buy additional tickets to see certain shows?

Your weekend pass gets you into ALL shows, dances, and festival workshops from Thursday through Sunday! Single day tickets are also available and gain you entrance into ALL shows, dances and festival workshops for that day.

What is a Legends Seat?

Legends seats are located in a special section near the front and slightly off-center in the Grand Ballroom. When you purchase a Legends seat option you receive a special wristband that allows you to sit in this section. You do not buy a specific seat but there will always be a seat for you in this section. This is a good option for people who don't like to look for a seat or just like the assurance of knowing that there will always be a seat for them near the front no matter what.

What is your refund policy?

Wintergrass does not issue refunds. The only exception is for medical or family emergencies. Issuing refunds for any other reason would seriously damage the financial integrity of the festival, limit the number of performers for each year, and negatively impact our youth educational offerings.

No refund requests of any kind will be processed, responded to or otherwise acknowledged from the third week in February through the second week in March. We simply do not have the bandwidth during this time period to work on refunds. Please respect this.

If I don't use my ticket for this year, can I "roll it over" to use at next year's festival?

In a word, no. On the advice of our accountant, we are completely discontinuing the practice of rolling over unused tickets. As with refunds, this practice was seriously damaging the financial integrity of the festival.

I've never been to Bellevue before. Where can I get information on the city?

When planning your trip to Wintergrass this year, the best place to find information about all things Bellevue is at or   As the City of Bellevue's premier addresses online, these are your definitive online city guides for What to Do, Where to Go, What's New and What's Happening in Bellevue and the Eastside.

I'm planning on coming in my RV. Is there an RV park nearby?

RV parking is available at the Diamond Parking Lot located at NE 10th at 106th directly across the street from the Hyatt. The cost for one space is $25 per day. Most Oversized Vehicles or RVs will require two spaces. These are not Camping spaces and you may not sleep in your vehicle in those lots. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may pay for your space at the machine in the lot and display your permit on the dashboard.

If you want to RV camp, please check out Trailer Inns RV Parks. They are about 2 miles away from the Wintergrass site.

Are there any good restaurants in the area?

There are a lot of restaurants within easy walking distance of Wintergrass. Really, a lot. many of them serve food well past midnight. There are also several great grocery stores all within blocks of the hotel. This is our recommended dining list. It will undoubtedly be add to but these are the folks who have agreed to tangibly support the festival in one way or another. Bellevue is a very busy place. We suggest you think about making dinner reservations before you even arrive in town.

As festival time approaches check back to this page for more detailed information about parking, transportation, special deals for festival goers and more.