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Acoustic Sound relies on the generous donations of sponsors, grantors and individuals for support. Traditionally nearly 25% of our overall budget comes from such support. In these unusual times the math is pushing that percentage far closer to 50%. We expect to knock that number back down into reasonable territory when we are able. But right now, your support is more important than ever.

The very best thing you can do is to make a recurring monthly donation of any size. This provides much needed stability and empowers us to keep making good stuff. Make your monthly donation here:

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The next best thing you can do is to support each and every episode of Pocketgrass. This not only helps Wintergrass, but also helps the artists who contribute to each episode. Proceeds are shared with the folks who make each episode wonderful. Your contributions do something immediate a direct to help keep our beloved artists encouraged, cared for, housed and fed during these unprecedented times.

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What is Acoustic Sound?

Well, Acoustic Sound is the parent organization of Wintergrass. It is the organization that makes Wintergrass, the Education Programs, and so much more happen.

Acoustic Sound is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to making sure good music is a part of your world. We are committed to preserving and promoting traditional acoustic American music through presentation and education, with special attention given to the bluegrass music community. We also are dedicated to maintaining reasonable prices for our events in order to keep Bluegrass accessible.

Help us to continue to grow the future of acoustic music by supporting Acoustic Sound programs with your monthly gift of any amount. Any amount will help.

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Donate to Acoustic Sound (Wintergrass)